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Here is what our customers have to say about us. These reviews were not solicited: they were all posted independently on the Web.

Great Experience (Porsche 911)

by skidoc at Citysearch

Porsche 911I had Charles at systems unlimited install a 9500ci radar/laser in my 2006 911. The price was very reasonable considering the meticulous work. Took off front and rear bumpers, custom install inside for monitor and control --nary a telltale trace of the job noted. Shop is tidy and high tech. I am very particular about my Porsche and couldn't have been more pleased. Checked out [the competition] too much $ or poor reputation. All aspects of the Escort work to perfection.


Finally a Quality Car Audio Store in Washington (Acura TL)
by Stephen 425 at Citysearch

Acura-tl-5My first system seemed fine for the first couple weeks until I heard a friends car that was done by Systems Unlimited. He not only spent a couple grand less but got a much better install and overall much better sound using less equiptment. I ended up having them sound deaden the front doors and the trunk as well as build a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure to give me back my trunk. This made a huge improvement on the sound as well as making my car much quieter. It pays to do it right the first time. I could have saved lots if I knew about this shop. If quality is what you are looking for instead of the slam bam then check them out.

A state-of-the art sound system as close to factory installed as possible (Bentley GT Mulliner)

Bentley LogoI wanted a state-of-the art sound system that looked as close to factory installed as possible. And I wanted maximum listening/viewing options. In other words, I wanted a system that plays cds (retain 6 disc changer so I can listen to books on tape or the old fashioned cd), has ipod capability, and has video-in-motion capacity. As to the sound, I wanted clear highs but substantial bass; but, again looking as close to factory as possible. This included my refusal to allow a subwoofer to displace the ski boot. Thus, figuring out how to add bass in a different way became one of a variety of challenges. The result is: I have an ipod; I have the original 6 disc changer; I have video-in-motion. And until you open the glove compartment (and see the ½ din dvd) or the trunk (and see the Tru Technologies amp and custom rack) the entire system looks as if it came direct from Crewe. And the system sounds “incredible”.In addition to the audio, Systems Unlimited did a stealth installation (both inside and out) of a 9500ci radar/laser system and a back-up camera (tucked above license plate and integrated into the nav screen).


Jaguar XKR - getting radar/laser deflector installed

1noseonSo, I'll be the first to admit, I really don't like driving the speed limit.  I wasn't even trying and my XKR quickly bumped up to about 100 miles an hour. It drives just smooth as silk and it keeps wanting more and more. If I wasn't trying to be careful breaking in the engine, well, I guess we'll have to see where my nerves start to get frayed and I need to slow down.

 As a result, I've decided that it's fairly necessary for me to have a radar detector that's more integrated into my car. I have an Escort radar that's portable. It works great but I hate having the cables everywhere. My husband took his Porsche to a local shop for the same radar/laser jammer by Escort and they did a phenomenal job so I decided that there was only one shop to take my new baby. (For those in the Seattle area - it's Systems Unlimited in Bellevue (Charles Maddy) - intro )

 They're extremely detailed and very careful about all of their installs. They actually upgraded the stereo/speakers on our boat a couple of years ago for a very reasonable cost and also did a great job. 


 Great Install, Great Service, Great Product! (BMW M6)

by Turbo Guy at Citysearch

M6iHad Charles from Systems Unlimited install a passport 9500ci custom install on my 2007 BMW M6 Conv and did a great Job. Unit works perfect, and the the diffusers are hidden nicely. you have to look for them knowing they are on the car to see them. Highly recommend Charles for his great work!


WOW, great, personalized service!

by Holly777 at Citysearch

Infiniti-Qx56So I have to say, as a woman, I HATE dealing with car issues. I especially hate dealing with annoying car salesmen, no matter what you are buying related to cars. Coming to Systems Unlimited was entirely different. I was not pushed into getting something I do not need and I was not made to feel stupid when I asked questions. I had a DVD system installed into my car and I could not be happier. I am also looking into getting it sound deadened as I heard this really makes a difference. I was able to inquire into various options without feeling pushed into make a decision.

I am having my boat system done this summer by Systems Unlimited as well. I am anxious to see (hear) the results. The fact that they will come out to your boat makes it worth it right there.


Why would anybody create a car like this without ANY POSSIBLE WAY to pipe in digital sound? (Volvo C70)

Volvo C70I researched on-line and called every audio expert on the planet possible who all delivered the same news: No possible way to interface the Volvo C70's fiber-optic communication so you have to go with a FM modulator!!!!   So taking perfect digital sound files,  turning them into analog a la 1960s style drive in movie antenna clip-ons to play on the Dynaudio?

The Dynaudio people recommended that I contact the top car-audio shop in the PNW: Systems Unlimited, who they assured me would figure out a way out of my dilemma.

I'm still not clear what Charles did but he figured out a way to give me an iPod plug connected through my tuner some how where my digital music now sounds exactly like off a CD and song titles are displayed in the stereo interface just like a CD.  He also pointed out that if I set my iTunes downloads to "lossless compression"  I would get the the same quality as an uncompressed WAV  CD - this turned out to be true. I don't even hear a hint of hiss during the silence between songs.

I'm VERY satisfied with the result of whatever Charles did.

 I highly recommend Systems Unlimited and Charles to anyone with a tricky audio problem or a desire to improve their quality of life and have their spirits lifted  by experiencing jaw-dropping music every time they step into their vehicle. 


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